Affordable and Best Dubai Camel Safari

Yes, have you got free from your tiresome work and want some natural and peaceful environment, then why not go for a desert safari Dubai? For sure, Dubai is the only golf country that has worldwide popularity for tourism. Tourists from the multiple regions of the world come here to visit and explore its deserts. Dubai camel safari is an engaging activity out there. There are more than hundreds of activities to do in the deserts of Dubai. A tourist can do different thrilling and remembering experiences there.

About camel ride safari

If you visit Dubai and go for its desert safaris, you will experience the most splendid camel ride safari. There is no restriction for the riders to be adults. Even the kids can ride and enjoy their safari there. It will be too fascinating to sit and enjoy too high in the deserts of Dubai. Camel riding is another fantastic activity. Camel is an animal of the desert as he can travel far away without feeding itself.

Camel keeping is the custom of Arabians. Ride with a camel is comfortable and pretty much wonderful, as it is a relaxed ride. The camel ride’s seat must be comfortable and easy so that the camel’s movement does not irritate you anymore. Nevertheless, the travel instructors or guide helps in knowing about the ride with a camel.

Dubai Camel safari & interesting facts

There are multiple ways to enjoy the entire safaris there in Dubai while your visit but the charm and fun with camel ride has its excitement. Camel is the symbol of Arab tradition for years, so it plays a significant role in attracting tourists from different world corners. In some Arabian countries, camels and other animals are still used to carry loads and people from one place to another. Dubai camel safari is an integral part of Dubai safari packages.

After knowing the attraction and demand for camel rides, we have decided to offer the camel ride in our price packages. For a global family tour, the Dubai safari name comes at the top. There are matchless activities included in the Dubai desert safari, including dunes, buffet dinner, and dance. The long ride with camel and sunset sight attracts the tourists at very first sight. It is more than a long drive on some vehicles.

There are some interesting facts about the camel ride. If it’s going to be your ever first camel ride, then must read the article to stay safe and protected. Below a list of facts given:

  • There are two camel types used for riding.
  • Has thick skin padding on their chest and knees
  • It can shut its nostrils during sandstorms.
  • Can travel more than 4 miles for an hour
  • Can carry more than 900 pounds weight for a day
  • Can sleep even while standing
  • Drinks plenty of water almost 30 gallons

The super thick skin padding of the camel helps the rider to sit freely. Not only arbs but also in Africa, camels used for riding and carrying the load from one place to another.

Desert safari prices

Price is of main concern either you are visiting a nearby area or going somewhere else. Whenever anyone plans for an outing or going to another country, you will estimate your expenditures and additional costs. Desert safari prices vary from package to package. The facilities involved in the package affects the prices. a price list of desert safari tours listed in the table below:


Desert safariPricesDuration
Desert safari offers85 AED6 hours
Morning Desert Safari130 AED4 hours
Early Morning Desert Safari400 AED4 hours
VIP evening desert safari240 AED6 hours
Overnight Desert Safari330 AED17 hours
Quad Bike Dune Buggy Tour150 AED6 hours
Dubai Camel Ride250 AED6 hours
Abu Dhabi City Tour150 AED6 hours
Dubai City Tour100 AED4 hours


we concluded that the camel is the symbol animal of the deserts. The Dubai camel safari is of the main attraction for every age of people across the world. There are different affordable packages available for Dubai safari. One can choose which better suits to his needs.