Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

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You will never experience Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina like this again, it is a one of a kind journey on a traditional wooden boat through the Dubai city’s enormous skyline. The word ‘Dhow’ is Arabic translates to a wooden boat which was used by the authoritarian people in the past, we continue that traditional gesture by giving you the authority to enjoy the sensational views along with a scrumptious dinner which includes a diverse menu ranging from cultural food to modern cuisine. The dinner is served in buffet style letting you enjoy all the delicacies we offer to your taste buds. Along with live performances to provide you an enchanting aura to relax and indulge into the moment. Get ready to be thrilled by performances on board which is performed by renowned artists.

Dhow Cruise Dubai is filled with wonders and amazement for you! Our service enables you to explore the auxiliary brilliance of Dubai Marina, the second largest man-made harbor on this planet. The cruise is carefully routed through the Almass Tower, Fairoz Tower, and Marjan Tower and which allows you to have all the best sights, giving yourself an eternal feeling of delight and joy. This spectacular journey is loaded with vehemence along with a one of a kind feeling of adventure on the sail of the Persian Gulf with a modern high-end setup which will definitely make you feel like you have made the best decision of your life to be there.

The most popular features of Dhow cruise marina Dubai:

The service started off in traditional wooden boats with a few amnesties but as time passed and Dubai progressed to become the most viral tourist destination, this service progressed as well.  The previous idea of the Dhow Cruise has been reinvented and remodeled to add contrast to the Dubai Marina atmosphere and has quickly become a new favorite choice of people who want to experience something refreshing in Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai. The most prominent feature at Dhow Cruise Dubai is the wide range of exquisite dinner buffets, allowing you to indulge in the most mouthwatering cuisines and the most refreshing drinks, your dinners at Dhow cruises will consist of top quality food and efficient services. Experience the best culinary services ranging from cultural and heritage foods to the latest trends in food.

The entire buffet menu selection ranges from appetizers to desserts and salad and of course, there is the main course for the night allowing you to have a full-fledged adventure for your taste buds. Moreover, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and drinks are offered by a well-trained and professional but friendly staff who cater you throughout the journey. We offer a wide range of Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai Deals to cater your needs and there is also a discount available for children of less than 10 years of age, and they are to be accompanied by adults at all times.

 Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

The Amazing experience of Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai:

The opportunity to enjoy an astonishing night with a wonderful touch of indulgence alongside a solitary feeling of relaxation in our Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai.  The best aspect of this cruise to be standing out is definitely the time of the day at which the cruise is scheduled at when the Sun is setting down on one end leaving you dazzled as the sunlight fades away and the city lights illuminating Dubai City.  Jump on board to have a taste of the rich cultural touch of Arabic and universal modern day cuisine while sailing past the enlightened sights of Dubai. Be sure to get an excellent standard of service from our end from the start to the end, and do not miss the chance to have this memorable experience like you have never had before.

Witness the smooth evening glow with the Sun going down but at the same time the Dubai skyline starting to illuminate in all its glory.  You can look forward to seeing live music performances and even some dance moves kicking in by your fellow tourists. We offer the best Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek deals for people looking forward to having this rich experience when they arrive in Dubai City. The prices for Dhow cruise creek Dubai are more economical as compared to Dhow cruise marina Dubai but the service is still high-end. A scrumptious dinner with a unique buffet menu of international standards, along with amnesties and condiments which are complimentary with our service.


Offering the most economical Marina Cruise Dubai:

Please your sights with Dubai’s delightful and intimidating skyline view which you will never experience anywhere else except for on Marina Cruise Dubai. Make unforgettable memories with friends, family and more, also you can enjoy the amnesty that you deserve. Grab the chance and plan the get-away from your hectic daily routines of life to enjoy a night of Excellency, it is absolutely a unique experience which is not to be missed on Marina Cruise Dubai. Forge unforgettable memories while you are on the cruise with your most loved ones, treat your loved ones with a therapy of a cruise around the Marina in Dubai City.

You can have your golden times on the cruise regardless of it being a birthday party or a get together by booking for a private cruise and make the most out of the occasion. We have the most economical and reasonable pricing for cruises as compared with other competitors in our market, private bookings are also available if required and the costs depend on certain aspects which are discussed at the time of booking. Book a tour to witness the beautiful streets of Dubai City, a modernized cultural hub and a show of state of the art engineering. We have the most reasonable rates when it comes to Dubai Marina Cruise Price, deals are also available and we suggest going for advance bookings so you do not miss out on the day when you arrive.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina- 175 AED